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Snow Running — My Observations

And hold on to your hats, folks. I’m gonna say something nice about snow. I did my first real run in the snow this morning. Yes, my very first 5K was in the snow, but to be honest, I hardly … Continue reading

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Marathon Musings

Yesterday, Jim and I volunteered to work at the Chicago Marathon. It was an interesting experience, so thanks to my friends Larry and Cathy for “roping” us into this. But I had a few thoughts on it. First, my non-running-related … Continue reading

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#100DaysofMiles Day 100

On January 1, 2015, I started on a journey to run at least one mile for 100 days (hosted by I ❤ To Run). On August 5, 2015, I ran day 100. In theory, I should have run 100 miles … Continue reading

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Out and About

This morning I decided to do my first run in Mumbai. Boy, did I get my butt kicked! The park across the street from my dad’s apartment is a beautiful setting for a run. Palm trees and numerous exotic plants … Continue reading

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Blogging A to Z — Running

If you know me, then it’s probably no surprise that my topic for the letter R in the blogging A to Z challenge is running. I’m a runner. You have no idea how much I enjoy typing that sentence. Because I … Continue reading

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Fixation Finished

I admitted to my husband and best cheerleader this morning that I ma having a crisis. I am so fixated on running this half marathon at the beginning of May that I fear I may be causing myself physical and … Continue reading

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Learned All About IT

About a month ago I started having pain in my left hip when I would run. I started out thinking maybe I just hurt my back but when the pain didn’t abate and actually became much worse, I knew something … Continue reading

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