Snow Running — My Observations

And hold on to your hats, folks. I’m gonna say something nice about snow.

I did my first real run in the snow this morning. Yes, my very first 5K was in the snow, but to be honest, I hardly call what I did in that race “running”. I was going to go to the gym and run on the running track, but I saw how much snow was on the ground ( maybe a couple inches and still coming down) so I decided it would be a good time to try out the Yak Trax my husband bought me for my birthday. My observations:

  • Running with the Yak Trax was definitely more secure than running in just my shoes. But I also had to be cautious because I couldn’t see any icy patches under the snow, but I knew when I hit them!
  • Yak Trax are a little challenging to put on and a little challenging to take off. I’m hoping with practice, it will get easier.
  • Running in the snow will cure you of heel striking if you’re prone to that (like I am when I get tired). You will run as flat on your mid-foot as possible in that snow  because if you heel strike, you will slide. Even with the Yak Trax on.
  • Not gonna break any speed records running in the snow. I ran 2.25 miles in half an hour. Going that slow guaranteed I would make it home without falling.


    After my snowy run this morning, with all sorts of snow frozen in my hair. It was kinda fun 🙂

  • And I spent a lot of time looking down at my feet, watching for any icy patches or bumps or dips in the snow, road, or sidewalk. They are hidden well in the snow and make for some dicey moments.
  • I took the corners at a walk because if I ran when turning a corner, I was sliding.
  • This makes it sound like I was still sliding around a lot, but I wasn’t. It only took a few slides to learn how to run without sliding.
  • Different muscles are used, or muscles are used differently, when running in the snow. My legs and ankles and shins and feet felt very different running in the snow than they usually do when running. I feel like I had to use those muscles not just to run but to really balance as well.
  • Here it comes. The nice thing I’m going to say about snow. Running while the snow is falling is kind of fun. It’s nice. It’s quiet and ethereal. It is NOT enough to keep me in Illinois, though, because as nice as it was running with the snowflakes swirling all around me, it doesn’t even compare to what it’s like to run along the beach in Key West. So humph.

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1 Response to Snow Running — My Observations

  1. Mr. Miller says:

    Well done, but no offense, you look miserable. Nove to AZ – you won’t have that problem.


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