To Train or Not to Train

I spent this  morning looking at some half marathon training plans. I am already signed up to run the Chicago Half Marathon in September, but I have been kicking around the idea of running the Chicago Mich Ultra Half in May as well. In my mind, I’d rather train for two half marathons than one full marathon. I know the havoc wreaked upon my body just training for a half; I’m afraid training for a full would hurt me physically and mentally more than it would help me. I am also over the idea that to reach a running pinnacle of sorts, I have to run a full.

So here I sit, pondering if I should train for this half in May.

Reasons why I think I should:

Reasons why I am hesitating:

  • Long runs — even the moderately long runs — during the week are exhausting. I have to get up really early to get the miles in.
  • I have been achy lately. I am doing all sorts of different exercise to keep myself motivated and moving. I find myself creaky a lot of the time. I’ll only get more creaky if I train for a half.
  • I live in constantly mortal dread of injury, even with doing the things my physical therapists have taught me.
  • I have to work some runs — long runs — in while I am on a cruise over my spring break — AND a long run for sure the weekend my daughter graduates from college.
  • For instance, one plan I am looking at has me doing a 7 mile run on my cruise and an 11 mile run the weekend my daughter graduates. Another plan has me doing a 6 mile run on my cruise and a 9 mile run on graduation weekend. The last plan has me doing an 8 mile run on the cruise and a 10 mile run on graduation weekend.

So, running friends, got any advice?

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4 Responses to To Train or Not to Train

  1. Symmetrical Thoughts says:

    Hello there! I’m also a runner, and have been tempted to sign up for a half marathon myself. Similarly to you, I’m also lacking the motivation at the moment so a goal would (theoretically) get me up and moving and enjoying the process again. I don’t know about you, but I used to really enjoy running but being achy and tired really takes the enjoyment out of it for me- and makes me more vulnerable to injury! From what I can gather, it seems like you’d like a goal to be able to motivate yourself but at the same time there are lots of real-life things going on that you don’t want to miss simply because you’re training. If I were you, perhaps set yourself a smaller goal, or mix up your training with a cross-trainer or something? Try and do things that you enjoy, but still resting your body. The last thing you’d want to do is train for the half, entirely tire yourself out and then be too injured to actually compete! If you do decide to compete, make sure you invest in a foam roller. They are a god-send! Hope this helps a little! X


  2. tmcfar1 says:

    Here’s my take. Unless you’re really gunning for some sort of specific goal time wise, don’t push the training too hard. I tried to train for a marathon last year and got hurt because I was trying to push through injury and being far too rigid with the training plan. Hence, no marathon. I ran three half marathons last year, and my fastest one was run with the least amount of training. Now, my experience may not be representative of everyone’s. But I don’t think it makes sense to turn something you love to do into drudgery. I have greater success by being less rigid and listening to what my body is telling me. Best of luck!


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