#100DaysofMiles Day 100

On January 1, 2015, I started on a journey to run at least one mile for 100 days (hosted by I ❤ To Run). On August 5, 2015, I ran day 100. In theory, I should have run 100 miles in those 100 days, but because most times I run more than a mile, I actually logged many more miles than 100. I actually ran 284.41 miles over those 100 days.

I ran inside on treadmills and on running tracks. I ran outside on the road, sidewalk, and bike path. I ran in the dark and in the sunshine. I ran in the morning, afternoon, and night. I ran in the heat, humidity, snow, and rain.

I ran here in my home town. I ran in Mumbai, India; Dubai, UAE; and Key West, Florida. I tried to run on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean but since I had forgotten to pack a sports bra, running was NOT a possibility!

I ran one race in those 100 days — a 5K on the 4th of July in Tinley Park where I ran my best 5K. I was sub-40 minutes and damn proud of that accomplishment considering the very first 5K I ever ran was finished in 56:29.

People say running is an individual sport, and in some respects it is. I almost always run alone, and I prefer it that way. I’m very self-conscious about my pace (as you can tell, I’m not a really fast runner). I’m not much of a conversationalist when I run, either, due to all oxygen being used for breathing! But that doesn’t mean I managed to squeak out almost 300 miles of running all by myself. Let me tell you who has helped me along the way — and I KNOW I’m gonna forget someone, so if I forgot you, TELL me! Because I want to thank you! This is in no particular order.

My husband, who believes in me to a fault and is my biggest cheerleader. Thank you fur running that Hot Chocolate race and making me so jealous I wanted to cry. That was what motivated me.

My daughter, who also believes in her mommy way more than is deserved.

My mom, dad, and Brenda who always encourage me. Dad and Brenda got me a nice kick in the pants to move while I was in India!

My neighbors Lori, Jennifer, and Darcy for always cheering me on when they see me dripping sweat up and down their sidewalks.

My friends the Millers for always listening to me drone on about running and believing in me.

My dear friend Emily who has been encouraging me to run for years. She has been there when I tried and failed and hurt and whined and she never stopped supporting me.

All sorts of people I work with — Susan, Chris, Dacia, Mary Jo, Denise, Michelle, Laura, Angie, Deb, Brenna, Katie, Katie, Ted, Amy, KC, Kimberly, Peggy, Shari, Geri, Janine, and Erin. They always are willing to talk running and exercise. It is extremely motivating to work with such a big group of healthy-minded people. You all literally have no clue how much you help me live a healthy, active life.

My extended family — Aunt Carol, Robyn, Peter, Michael — you also listen to me drone on about running way more than I know you want to!

ATI Physical Therapy, especially Genevieve and Ashley. When I got injured and had to lay off the heavy duty running for a couple months, they were the two PTs who got me back in shape. The taught me so much about the mechanics of my body; to this day, I am doing exercises they gave me because I live in mortal dread of a sidelining injury again.

The Channahon-Minooka Running Club group on Facebook. I read their posts and ask for advice and I fill in my miles on the mileage chart and love seeing my name on the list with all the big running dogs. I may be more of a lurker in that group, but you seriously have no idea how much you all motivate me.

And bunches of other people on Facebook who have “liked” every one of my running posts, and they’re plentiful! I think of people like Jamie and Pam and Danielle and Bob and Christine and Karen and Margie and Sheila and Missy and Yvonne and Yoshie and on and on and on!

My Weight Watchers peeps — DeAnna and Chris and all the other people whose names I don’t know but always have smiling, supportive faces.

Naperville Running Company for feeding my addiction to shoes, socks, and Gu. And always asking me about my running. They took me seriously as a runner despite the fact that I have never looked like a runner (and I still don’t but I know better — I AM a runner).

So I may be done with 100 days of miles, but I’m not done running. I’m attempting half marathon training right now and so far it’s going well. That may be on the horizon for me. I’m still undecided. But I will continue to keep running. In the past year, I have lost 53.4 pounds and running has played a huge role in that weight loss. I’ve still got almost 25 pounds to go to get to my goal weight, so tomorrow will be day 101, and there will be many more beyond that!

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