Like almost everyone, I make resolutions with the start of each new year. Here are the resolutions I made for 2018 and how I fared with those resolutions:

1.) Run 2 half marathons: nope, didn’t happen. I’ve struggled to get my running mojo back after the marathon in 2017. I did run 3 5Ks, though, so my running wasn’t a total loss.

2.) Lose weight: lost some, gained some, but overall, I think I had a net loss of a few pounds in 2018.

3.) Go to the dentist: finally did this in December and found a nice dentist who works to keep my fears in check. I’m scheduled to go back in February for a deep cleaning.

4.) Declutter: did some of this but not enough. I. Have. Too. Much. Crap.

5.) Attend church at least 25 times: this was a big fail. I think I probably went only like 10 times in 2018. That’s too bad for me because I always feel better when I go to church regularly.

6.) Read the Bible: nope, failed at this, too. I need to learn to put down my phone and pick up a book when I go to bed!

7.) Reduce my f-bomb use: I might have done this, but not very successfully. It still comes out of my mouth more than I would like it to.

So, it looks like I had more failures than successes with resolutions in 2018. What will happen in 2019? Well, here is what I hope I will be able to make happen:

1.) Lose weight (old resolution): I just want my weight to start with a 1 instead of a 2. I’m going to set some other resolutions that will hopefully assist with this.

2.) Declutter (old resolution): I simply MUST get rid of crap.

3.) Attend church at least 25 times (old resolution): I feel good when I go to church. It brings me a sense of inner calm. I need to fulfill this resolution.

4.) Read the Bible (old resolution): This is a better idea than surfing Facebook or playing Candy Crush when I relax before bed.

5.) Reduce my f-bomb use (old resolution): I just feel better when I’m not such a potty mouth.

6.) Cut back on how much meat I eat (new resolution): I am going to try to have 1 or 2 days a week where I don’t eat any meat. I know it is healthier for me, and believe it or not, sometimes I feel bad eating an animal.

7.) Break up with sugar (new resolution): I am addicted to sugar. I know this. I try so hard to not eat sugar, but I literally have withdrawal symptoms sometimes (shakes, headaches, upset stomach, irritability) so I cave in. I want to fight through that and get rid of my dependence on sugar. My boxing gym is helping with this as they are sponsoring a 20 day sugar detox challenge starting today, January 1.

8.) Be able to do a 3 minute plank (new resolution): I was so close to being able to do this in November, but then I ran into a rough spot with my knees, hips, back, and shoulder. But I’m feeling pretty good now, so here I come for the 3 minute plank!

My boxing instructor encouraging me by planking with me while I’m pursuing a goal of a 3 minute plank in November.

9.) Be able to do push ups (new resolution): I want to be able to do real push ups — not push ups from my knees, not half-assed push ups where I barely lower my body, but real live push ups. I’ve never been able to do real push ups in my life, so I think it’s finally time!

10.) Hit my 100 ride mark on my Peloton (new resolution): My husband and I got a Peloton bike right before Christmas and it’s a cool milestone when you get to 100 rides. I’ve got 9 rides already, so I’ve got 365 days to do 91 more rides!

Taking my first ride on our new Peloton the night it was delivered!

Do you have any resolutions? Or do you have any advice that can help me on the road to achieving what I’ve resolved for 2019? Let me know in the comments — I’d love to hear from you!

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6 Responses to Resolutions

  1. Jen Rayola says:

    A few goals for this year:
    1. pay off our last debt ever and be 100% debt free
    2. vacation, vacation, vacation
    3. pile on the grad classes to possibly finish a tad ahead of schedule
    4. family game night 2x per month


  2. ktskittles85 says:

    Great goals! I have a great non-denomination church if you’re looking for one! We love it. Very non judgmental and a million ways to get connected. Called Parkview. Let me know! Good luck with your goals! If anyone’s motivated, it’s you!


  3. Danielle Dillon says:

    Observations: in looking at some of your photos the last few months, you look different. Your body has changed, so I would say that even though your number may not have changed significantly, your body shows something different. Resolution then could be to continue to pursue your good health goals because those have longer term affects. Also, resolve to be gentle with yourself. You are strong and driven and you inspire others. Thanks for sharing yourself! 2019, for me, has become about actually setting goals. For so long, i have not set goals at the start of the year and maybe, that’s something that needs to change to help me be better than who I am right now.


    • renbog says:

      Yeah, weight has distributed itself differently. I mostly want to lose weight for health reasons. I don’t have any significant health issues now related to my weight but I also want to keep it that way. I tend to be very hard on myself and I know I need to be kinder. And how exciting for you with your goals! You’ll feel like a million bucks when you accomplish them. I’ll bring pom poms!!


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