What to Do in 2018?

It’s a new year, so that means it’s time for new resolutions. But first, I’d like to do an honest self-evaluation of my resolutions for 2017:

1.) I did indeed train for and complete the Chicago Marathon! This still amazes me. It probably always will.

2.) My eating was better on and off. It was definitely better while I was training for the marathon, but has been not so hot once the holidays hit. This is something I will likely have to deal with my entire life.

3.) I don’t think I lost any weight. I’m not sure I’ve gained any, either. This is also something I anticipate dealing with all the time.

4.) Total failure on this one. I did not go to the dentist at all last year. I am so scared of going to the dentist that I just avoid it at all costs. I need to suck it up and do this.

5.) I did get a little work done on my novel. I added probably 25 pages, which isn’t much. I wish I had more time to really work on this.

6.) I started to declutter, and then it stopped. This needs more work.

So what are my goals for this year? Some new ones, and some repeats.

1.) Run 2 half marathons — ideally the Chicagoland Half Marathon Series. One caveat to this will be that this goal is dependent upon what I learn at the appointment I have with my orthopedist on the 15th. That left knee is kind of a mess again (and it is actually not from running — I jacked it up wearing high heels at a wedding). If I end up needing surgery, then I will need to do some revising of this goal.

2.) Lose weight. I am hopeful that I will have some more success with this since Weight Watchers has changed their plan. The previous plan was an absolute struggle for me, but the new Freestyle plan is very workable for me. I;d love to lose at least 25 pounds this year.

3.) Get my scared butt to the dentist. The biggest problem with this is that I really don;t like the dentist I see. It’s not bad — it’s just a big office with lots of dentists and hygienists so it feels impersonal. I loved the dentist I used to see because they were personal and very willing to work with my phobia. The dentist I see now is so big that I have to explain myself to someone every time I go there, and I hate that. I sadly was forced to change dentists when my dental insurance changed. I used to have a PPO and now I have an HMO, so I was forced to abandon a provider I liked to go to one I merely tolerate. Sigh.

4.) Declutter — again. I have way too much crap and I am sick of it.

5.) Attend church at least 25 times. This would mean going at least twice a month and then one extra time (like Easter or Christmas). I like the church I attend very much. It is what I envision church should be like. There are 3 pastors at my church — 2 of them are women, including the head pastor. There are same sex couples who attend my church and have service roles in the church as well. They are just as welcomed in the church as I am. I also feel a more positive energy within myself when I attend church on a somewhat regular basis. I am a better version of myself when I go to church.

6.) Somewhat related to the resolution above, I’d like to read the Bible. I’ve started this a few times and never accomplished it, but I’m going to tackle it again this year.

7.) Improve my language by reducing my use of the F-bomb. I use it a lot, and it is finally starting to bother me personally that I use it so much. I am not worried that I offend anyone, nor am I offended by people who use it. This is just a personal choice on my part to reduce my use of that word. I am going to be more cognizant of how I speak and make a concerted effort to use that word only when I really feel it will add to what I am trying to say 🙂

That’s it — that’s what I hope to accomplish this year. If you know me, feel free to ask me questions about my progress as the year goes on — I am the kind of person who needs accountability! Let’s see what 2018 has in store!

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