R is for Resolutions

RI am a day behind, but no worries. I thought it would be fun (for you — humiliating for me) to check up on the progress of my resolutions for this year.

Run 2 half marathons: well, probably not going to happen. Not going to be ready to run the one I wanted to in May, but maybe I can still do the one in September.

Lose weight: still on Weight Watchers, still can’t seem to stay on track for a full wee, still haven’t lost any weight so far this year. But hey, at least I haven’t gained.

Get my scared butt to the dentist: done. Went a couple weeks ago. I need a deep cleaning, a crown replaced, and 4 fillings. I am terrified for each thing. I really wish I could just ignore those problems.

Declutter: not so much. That sounds like an excellent summer vacation activity, though.

Attend church at least 25 times: nope. I’ve been once or twice. I might be a lost cause.

Read the Bible: more nope. In my defense, this IS a daunting task.

Reduce use of the f-bomb: another nope. I have moments where I’m conscious of it and try not to use it. But it’s just moments.

Looks like 2018 is going to be another year of mediocrity for me!


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I have opinions and I have passions and I like to write.
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