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I know I’ve written about boxing before, but for this post I thought I’d share a little bit about the boxing gym I go to, K-Fit Boxing. The owners, Kenji and Anne, are also the instructors/trainers. I have not taken am actual class with Kenji, but he has subbed for classes I take with Anne, and what I can tell you for sure about Kenji is he is the definition of bad ass! He is incredibly knowledgeable about boxing, he’s an amazing athlete, a kettlebell master, and has self-discipline that is enviable. His wife Anne is every bit the incredible athlete he is, and she is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever worked with. She is really great about explaining how to do exercises and offering modifications, both up and down. And she really celebrates every success and accepts everyone at their level. I’ve never felt out of place being a chubby chick with other skinny women or with other more physically fit women. And that’s to me, the real strength of K-Fit — the culture and the atmosphere. It is welcoming of all — you want to improve your fitness and health and they will meet you where you are. And everyone I’ve met who takes classes there accepts everyone else who is there with them. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else because we are all there for the exact same thing: to get better, to get stronger. They offer a nice variety of classes, from personal training to women’s only classes to couple’s boxing to kettlebell classes to challenging and enjoyable boxing fitness classes. But one of their biggest programs, that I honestly don’t know a ton about, is their Rock Steady Boxing program which is designed specifically for people living with Parkinson’s. I stepped way, way out of my comfort zone a little over a year ago when I took my first boxing class at K-Fit and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my whole life. The physical progress I’ve made, the people I’ve met, and the confidence I’ve gained have been life changing in the best ways possible. If you live out near me and you’ve wanted to find a physical fitness program that will be something challenging that you love, you really should check out K-Fit Boxing!

My first boxing picture — taken about a year ago.
Convinced my daughter to come to boxing class with me one Saturday morning when she was in town visiting.
An example of how I improved: when I first came to K-Fit, I couldn’t hold a plank for even 10 seconds. Then one night, Anne snapped a picture of me doing THIS — whaaaaat????

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