#AtoZChallenge — The Host

The Host is a novel by Stephenie Meyer. Don’t stop reading. I know, you’re probably thinking that you’re not the least bit interested in reading a book written by the sparkly vampire author. But hear me out: The Host is nothing at all like any of the Twilight books. It’s a little bit romance, a little bit science fiction, a little bit fantasy, a little bit dystopia. The main storyline focuses on a love quadrangle unlike anything you’ve ever read before. It’s not overly science fiction-y, either. So to me, this novel could be considered appropriate for men, women, and teens. There’s noting too graphic in terms of violence or sex. It’s not too focused on romance, and it’s not too focused on the science fiction, either. Personally, I love impossible romances, and that was what initially appealed to me about this novel. I was so unsure how the book would end satisfactorily, so if you enjoy stories that will lead you down a path of curiosity, this would also be a good book for you! It’s also not an overly heavy read, so it makes a terrific summer novel! Happy reading!

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