#AtoZChallenge — Credit Cards

I live in credit card hell. It’s not the kind of hell where I am in deep credit card debt (although I’ve been there, done that). Instead, my credit card hell is having so many credit cards and having to switch off when I use which one where. My husband, a few years ago, learned a lot about how to use credit card points for travel (friends of ours have taken trips to Hawaii, Europe, and Australia — all using credit card points, costing them little or nothing at all). Since then, he has been a credit card point earning freak — he watches for offers, then tells me which card to use so we can maximize the points earned. Sometimes I have one card to use at the grocery store, a different one for gas, a different one for restaurants, and a different one for when we need to book travel. Because see, we have racked up a lot of points but have used almost none of them. The plan is to earn a lot of points and then, when I retire, we can use those points to take an extravagant trip. I suppose when I finally take that trip, I will be happy, but for now, my head spins whenever I have to change up the card or cards I am using. BTW, completely unsolicited plug here for The Points Guy — that is my husband’s go-to source for all things credit card points if you think you want to get in on this for yourself!

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