#AtoZChallenge — Blanca

A little over a year ago, my dog Blanca crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had Blanca for 14 years, and I loved that little dog more than I thought was possible for a human to love a dog.

She was a little white chihuahua, and everyone who saw her always wanted to pet her. She was mostly fine with it, though she was iffy with kids. Blanca was a true chihuahua in that she had one true love in her life (me) and everyone else could go away, as far as she was concerned!

Blanca loved to eat and she loved to sleep! She did not love grass, cold, rain, or snow. She was a princess through and through! She did enjoy going on walks, though, and she loved to leave her mark! She would dribble her way through the neighborhood, and loved stopping for a nice poop along the way, too! She also loved riding in the car.

She always slept right next to me in bed. Sometimes she would curl up next to my belly under the covers. Sometimes she would stretch out behind me with her belly to my back (yes, she would try to be the big spoon!), but sometimes she slept in between Jim and me with her head on my pillow and her body under the covers.

I miss that li’l dog every day.

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  1. 1gus1 says:

    So sorry for your loss. We lost three dogs in 11 months, the last two in two months from August to September last year.

    A to Z participant @ http://jabblog-jabblog.blogspot.com


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