#BloggingAtoZ — Never Say Never

One of my favorite songs during high school is the song “Never Say Never” by Romeovoid. I first heard it in the (absolutely ridiculous but I love it) movie Reckless which stars Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. I remember how cool the movie scene was (you can see it above) and I also remember thinking, “Damn, that’s got to be the coolest school ever to play this song at a dance!” The song, while having lyrics that might offend some, has an appealing, hard-driving edge that’s just catchy as hell. It was a song that got plenty of play on my favorite radio station in high school (WLRA 88.1 FM out of Lewis University — they’re what’s left on the FM dial). If you’ve never heard the song, give it a listen. You might like it — never say never!

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