Blogging A to Z — Cats

CDay 3 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge brings the letter C. I thought I’d write a little about my cats. I’ve had cats for the majority of my life. When I was born, my mom had a Siamese cate named Barnaby. He wasn’t really my cat, but I lived in his house so there is that 🙂

My first real cat was James. He was a gray kitten with white paws. He died not long after I got him in an accident I don’t like to to talk about much less think about. Moving on.

My next cat was Pussywillow. I had her for 16 years. She loved chicken. She would actually try to eat it right out of your mouth as you were eating it.


Me with Monster Monster.

Then I had Monster Monster. I actually found him on a highway exit ramp. When I brought him home, I remember him sitting on my chest and looking at me so intensely. Then he reared up and came down with both his little paws on my eyelids. He must have been watching me blink. He was a big, strong cat. he could jump from the floor to the top of the fridge, where he would wait for people to walk by so he could swat them on the head. he ended up going to live on a farm because he just thought the world was his toilet.

Then there was Scooter. My brother rescued him from the car wash he worked at. When Becky was born, Scooter had a hard time adjusting so he went to Ohio to live with my mom.


Misty, who was known to climb the Christmas tree.


Shasta, who was so laid back because she was deaf.

Then when Becky was a little older, we adopted sister barn cats, Misty and Shasta. Misty was mostly my cat; Shasta was mostly Becky’s. Misty died in 2010; Shasta in 2013. And I’ve been without a cat since then.

I miss having a cat. Yes, I have dogs, but there’s something about kitties that I just love. But it’s likely I’m done with cats. My dogs are plenty high maintenance 🙂

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