Blogging A to Z — T: Texas

I’m happy to admit it — I fell in love with Texas the first time I stepped foot in that state.

I never had any inclination to visit Texas. Too many tornadoes. And I am terrified of tornadoes.

But when may father moved there, I knew there would be no escaping the fact that one day I would have to visit him there.

I have been to Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, and Lufkin (which is roughly between Houston and Dallas). I am pretty preferential to Houston. The people there are all quite friendly and it has a nice, tropical vide to it. It is warm and humid and there are palm trees. Not to mention, there is a terrific selection of Mexican restaurants in Houston!

Galveston is my next favorite. It’s right there on the Gulf of Mexico and it is so nice to visit. But It’s much more expensive to live there than Houston, and Galveston to Houston is very drivable (about an hour). In addition, it’s much harder to escape a hurricane in Galveston than it is Houston!

San Antonio is nice and has some interesting history to it, but it’s not tropical like Houston or Galveston, and truth be told, I found the people in Houston to be much friendlier than the people in San Antonio.

I only visited a friend who lives in Lufkin once, but it was quite a peaceful and pretty there.

I don’t care for the fire ants. I don’t like the palmetto bugs (it doesn’t matter if they have a cute name — it’s all a ploy, just ask Dave Barry). I’m not necessarily a fan of the politics. But it’s a pretty state, and there are some really neat things in and around Houston — Johnson Space Center, USS Battleship Texas, The Galleria for shopping, Galveston nearby.

Y’all come visit Texas and see what I mean!

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1 Response to Blogging A to Z — T: Texas

  1. Mr. Miller says:

    I’m really liking this whole A-Z idea. Well done.


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