Blogging A to Z — S: SIUe

SIUe stands for Southern Illinois University — Edwardsville. This is where my daughter goes to school. I was impressed with the university from the moment I set foot on their campus. Here are ten things I’d like to share with you about SIUe:

1. It is a gorgeous campus! It is smack dab in the middle of a nature preserve so there are plenty of scenic grounds. Because so much of the campus is preserve, huge sections of it won’t be developed, ensuring that it will always be scenic.

2. Geese! The students have a love/hate relationship with the geese all over campus! They may not think it’s funny to be chased by the geese, but I find it uproariously hilarious to be on the phone with my daughter and hearing her freak out when they start to chase her!

3. Deer! When my husband and I first came to visit for parents’ weekend, we rounded a corner and there were two deer standing maybe 10 feet from us. They barely regarded us and continued to graze. Again, the students might find the deer a nuisance, but I find it quaint!

4. The campus is way on the outskirts of town, so even though it is technically an open-campus school, it feels like a closed-campus school. There is little to no through traffic because the only thing really around the main part of campus is nature preserve.

5. Small class sizes are par for the course. My daughter hasn’t yet had a huge lecture hall class with 100 classmates, and I doubt she ever will.

6. My daughter is in a sorority, and there are other Greek organizations on campus, but there is no Greek housing. I think this cuts down on the shenanigans that so many people (myself included) associate with fraternities and sororities — think Animal House, Legally Blonde, and Revenge of the Nerds.

7. There is a lack of serious crime on campus. At orientation, we were told the number one crime on campus is parking pass theft. There have been a couple of more serious incidents, but SIUe takes their reputation for safety seriously and deals with any incidents swiftly — and they are very good about keeping students and parents informed of any safety concerns.

8. Textbook rental! SIUe is only 1 or 2 universities in Illinois that has textbook rental! I can’t say how much I love love love this!!!!!

9. Moving in to the dorm as a freshman is a dream! SIUe has a “move-in crew” of student volunteers who unload the car and move everything into the student’s dorm room! As the parent of a freshman, all I had to do was pull the car up to the curb. I sure missed that move-in crew when she moved into a THIRD FLOOR APARTMENT WITH NO ELEVATOR her sophomore year!

10. My daughter is happy there. She has grown up so much by going to school there. She is getting a quality education and having meaningful experiences. I couldn’t ask for more for my daughter’s education!

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