Blogging A to Z — Q: Quenneville

Here’s an itty bitty blurb about Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville from a proud member of the much-maligned bandwagon.

I know Coach Q gets an awful lot of criticism. My husband calls him “Coach Hashpipe”. He also says that he doesn’t deserve a cool nickname like “Q”. I hear complaints all the time about how he sets up his lines, who’s on what line, and how he juggles the lines all the time. People get frustrated because he seems to have his favorites, who never seem to be the favorites of all the fans. Some get angry because he benches players for no apparent reason.

I don’t know if any of those criticisms are legit or not. I have a hard enough time following the puck that I don’t have time to remember who’s on what line and who plays best with whom. I’m doing well if I remember most of the players numbers and I can actually see a goal being scored.

But here is what I do know about Q from my admittedly and unashamedly shallow point of view:

  • He’s an experienced coach and he knows the players better than I do because he works with them.
  • He’s coached the Blackhawks to 2 Stanley Cup victories in 4 years (2010 and 2013).
  • He wears pretty nice ties.
  • He’s a decent looking guy.
  • I like him.
  • He endeared himself to me this week by making an obscene gesture during the first game of round one of the playoffs against the Blues. Most excellent crotch grab ever!
  • He further endeared himself to me when he responded to being fined $25,000 for said crotch grab by calling it a “bush-league” move. Oh, how I love a good double entendre!

So, there it is. The most meaningless drivel ever written about Joel Quenneville by a drippy bandwagonner. Any of my fellow hockey friends who read this because the word “Quenneville” caught their eye are surely disappointed and pissed that they just lost 2 minutes of their life that they can never get back.

And, by the way, if you’re interested in seeing the crotch grab and reading the article about the fine, check it out here.

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