Blogging A to Z: C — College

I am insanely jealous that my daughter is in college. I get so excited when she registers for classes. I love hearing the titles of the classes and getting the chance to look at the syllabi for her classes. I love seeing what her textbooks are. And it’s all because I love learning. When you hear educators talk about wanting their students to be “life-long learners”, well, the work on me was done a long time ago.

I have taken two grad classes so far this year. I try to take as many as I can. Because I love learning. I love getting the syllabus and the textbook. I love the homework — the reading, the researching, the writing. I love finishing a class and feeling like I learned something new. I have never taken a class where I didn’t learn something.

I have often said that if I win the lottery, I would quit my job and become a professional student. I’d get my doctorate. Then I’d take classes in every imaginable topic — business, economics, political science, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, theology, medicine, law. I don’t care if it’s a class on a college campus or at an off-site location or online. I’d just learn and learn and learn.

I hope Becky enjoys her college experience, because I’m so jealous that she gets to learn so much!

Becky getting her books at the start of her freshman year.

Becky getting her books at the start of her freshman year.

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