Maybe I Am a Morning Person

I slept horribly last night so I didn’t go to the gym and run like I wanted to do.  So I decided to hit the indoor running track after work since we got done today at 1:15.  I was slightly leery of this since I always seem to have trouble running anytime but first thing in the morning.  But I set my mind to believe it was all going to be good.

And it was for the first five minutes.  Then the Achilles started to hurt and tighten up pretty badly.  I haven’t had this happen in a VERY long time.  Months.  And not long after that I started to feel it in my shins.  When I run in the morning, I NEVER have pain in my shins.  But it seems to ALWAYS happen if I run in the afternoon or evening.  So I ran some, walked some, and was miserable the whole time.  I could feel myself actually limping when I was walking.

If I need to work out any time other than first thing in the morning, I guess it will have to be at the gym because running can only be done in the morning, it seems.  Which sucks because when (well, IF) the weather gets nicer, I know my husband will run outside when he gets home from work and I’d so love to run with him.  Guess I will have to be resigned to riding my bike alongside him when he runs.

Okay, I’m done whining for now.

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2 Responses to Maybe I Am a Morning Person

  1. Mr. Miller says:

    You were beat before you took your first step. Maybe it was just a mental thing, maybe it was because you got out of your usual patten of stretching or eating or warm-up… If running in the afternoon/evening is what you’d like to do: do it. You’ll eventually get into a new rhythm and all will be fine.


    • renbog says:

      It’s very, very possible my head gets in the way. I’m not going to stop trying, but I also don’t want to keep feeling defeated. I really do prefer exercising first thing in the morning, but I’d sure like the luxury of being able to run in the nice afternoon or evening warmth, provided it ever comes back!


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