Hawks Tickets, Anyone?

Apparently there is some drama today on social media over the cost of Blackhawks tickets for non-season ticket holders.  People complaining the price hike is too much.  Ticket prices were already too high.  Nobody can afford to go to games anymore.  The prices are prohibitive for a families to attend.

I say blah blah blah.

First mistake people are making is thing that a professional sports team is like your local park district sports team — that they care what you think.  Professional sports is a big, huge, greedy for-profit business.  The Hawks just won the Stanley Cup and people think they’re NOT going to raise ticket prices??????

Next mistake is thinking that the sports team actually cares about the fans.  They don’t.  They care about the fans’ MONEY.  They want people who are going to spend money on the games and at the games.  Trust me, if the ticket prices are too expensive for you, nobody cares.  There is someone else with their credit card at the ready.

Attending professional sporting events is a luxury activity.  It’s like vacationing abroad or flying first class or eating dinner at Shula’s or shopping at Tiffany’s.  Those things can’t be done on the cheap.  Only people WITH money or people willing to SHELL OUT the money get to do them.  I love football, and I’d love to go to Bears games, but the ticket price is prohibitive to me, so I watch the games on television.

I’m sure someone is thinking, “Oh you think that way because you have season tickets,” or, “Oh, guess you’re one of the rich ones because you have season tickets.”  I’m a teacher and my husband sells flowers — feel free to think we are rich.  We have season tickets because we are willing to shell out the money.  But it’s not without our own cost.  We sell tickets to help defray the cost.  We have to sacrifice other things in order to save the money to afford the season tickets.  So it’s not “easy for me to say.”  Right now we are able to pay our invoice.  There may come a day when we can’t afford it anymore.  BTW, I am also not foolish enough to believe the Hawks organization cares about the season ticket holders, either.  They raised our prices (and we all bitched about them then ponied up our checks).  If we didn’t, someone else would pay the invoice for our seats.  Nobody on the team or in the front office would be going, “Oh, damn, we priced the Puckjims out of their seats!  Raising those prices was a bad idea.”  All they care about is that our invoice got paid.  Even if we had to make money from a puppy mill to do it.

Time to wake up, Hawks ticket buyers.  The Hawks do not care that now you can’t afford your little family outing.  Someone else can, and those dollars are all that matters.  They are all that has ever mattered.

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2 Responses to Hawks Tickets, Anyone?

  1. Karen (Uznanski) Knutson says:

    You’re absolutely right, Renee. In the 12 years we’ve had season tix here in Minnesota, our tickets have nearly doubled in price. However, the quality of product on the ice has not really improved. Do the owners care? Hell no. We reconsider every season. . .but don’t want to give up our priority number. Guess we suck it up and keep writing checks.


  2. Anonymous says:

    If Hawks fans are mad about prices they should see what Bears tickets are going for and they get to see ?? not many home games – but fans still pay the price – it’s our choice like you said to prioritize what we want to do. Great thoughts Renee.


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