#AtoZChallenge — Education

Let me share a few thoughts I have on education. As someone who has worked in the field for over 30 years and still has a little over a year to go, I feel I’ve earned the ability to speak knowledgeably. I think education is in a bit of trouble right now, and it is going to get worse if something doesn’t change. The problems are multifaceted, but the end result is the same: if things don’t change, there simply will not be enough teachers to educate our children well or properly. Teachers need politicians to stop the fear-mongering. There is no indoctrination happening in classrooms. Teachers also need politicians to do something about school violence, specifically school shootings. The thoughts and prayers just aren’t working. Teachers need parents to realize we are partners with them in their child’s education, not adversaries. Teachers need parents to help their kids appreciate and value education. Teachers need admins to work really hard to remember what it was like to be a classroom teacher and have some empathy for the challenges teachers face every day. Everyone needs to treat teachers like the licensed professionals they are. If changes such as these are not made soon, teachers will continue to leave the profession in droves. Fewer and fewer people will decide to pursue careers in education. And the education system will collapse. Contrary to popular belief, teaching is not easy. Just because everyone has been to school does not mean everyone can teach. Think about what education is going to look like if classrooms have 40 or 50 kids in them. Or think about what education is going to look like when kids have to receive all instruction at home either from online instructors or from parents. Think American students can’t compete on a global stage now? Just wait until there aren’t any more teachers. If you’ve read this and think I am full of it, you’re entitled to your opinion. But I would challenge you to become part of the solution — if you think teachers are getting it all wrong, then I would like to invite you to become a teacher yourself.

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