#AtoZChallenge — Little Miss Magic

Apparently I don’t know my own alphabet. Yesterday I was supposed to do the letter L and today was supposed to be the letter M. But I did the letter M yesterday so I guess I have to do the letter L today!

“Little Miss Magic” is a song by Jimmy Buffett. This is not your typical parrot head song though. This one is sentimental and sweet. And it is going to be played exactly one month from today as the song for the daddy/daughter dance when my daughter gets married.

Some father/daughter dance songs are typical of what you would expect. Think “Butterfly Kisses.” That’s a great song, but it doesn’t fit my husband and my daughter. When I got married, the song my dad and I dance to was Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood.” I’m sure that seems like a very odd song for a daddy/daughter dance. But when I was in high school, on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, there was always a father-daughter dance called Pops and Lollies. My dad always got such a kick out of spinning me all around the dance floor when “In the Mood” was played, So we made that our father/daughter dance song when I got married.

Little Miss Magic” is the perfect song for my husband and daughter. If you know them, then you will realize just how completely fitting this song is. I am really looking forward to seeing them dance to this song in a month. I’m hoping there’s not a dry eye in the house when it’s done.

My hubby and his “Little Miss Magic”

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