#AtoZChallenge — J/K: Texting Shorthand

I kind of cheated and decided to do J and K on the same day to do a post that is meant to be humorous!

I recently posted something on Facebook that was admittedly a bit off color and risque — it was a meme of President Biden saying something about the sing WAP. My mom (who will now be SO MAD at me for outing her) texted me wanting to know what WAP meant. After much squirming, I explained it to her (and if you don’t know, please Google it because I am trying to keep it clean here), and decided that maybe it might be nice to have a primer for all the folks out there who just can’t seem to grasp all the shorthand that’s used when we send text messages. So without further ado, here’s a list that is FAR from comprehensive, but hopefully helpful 🙂

  • JK (the title of this post) — just kidding
  • LOL — laugh out loud
  • LMAO — laugh my ass off (can alternatively be LMBO with the B for butt)
  • HBU — how ’bout you
  • FWIW — for what it’s worth
  • IMO — in my opinion (sometimes it’s IMHO where H stands for humble)
  • NSFW — not safe for work (used when someone sends something that has questionable language or content as a warning that what you’re about to see should not be opened at work, around kids, or around those who might be offended)
  • TTYL — talk to you later
  • BTW — by the way
  • FTW — for the win (sometimes used as eff the world, so you may have to use context clues to determine the meaning)
  • IDK — I don’t know
  • IDC — I don’t care
  • IDGAF — I don’t give a eff
  • ROFL — rolling on the floor laughing (sometimes combined to be ROFLMAO)
  • NVM — never mind
  • STFU — shut the eff up (sometimes less harsh as STHU where H stands for hell)
  • RN — right now
  • BRB — be right back
  • TIA — thanks in advance
  • TY — thank you
  • ILY — I love you

Any that I missed that people who are not text-savvy might need to know? Drop them in the comments!

A picture of me with my mom and daughter.

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