#AtoZChallange — Howard Stern

I have been a fan of Howard Stern’s for many, many years. I can remember watching him on some second-rate late night TV show. He was crass, irreverent, offensive — and funny. I listen to him often on my satellite radio, and I enjoy some of his funny bits, and I enjoy the banter between him and his staff, mostly Robin. But what I really love about Howard Stern is his interviews.

He is one of the best interviewers I have ever listened to. I don’t care who he is interviewing, whether it is someone I am a fan of or not, I will listen to the interview. Stern seems to have a natural level of ease meeting with the people he interviews. He clearly does his research because he brings up all sorts of bits of trivia and history during the interview. He also gets to ask questions other people simply can’t ask — he is not afraid to ask people about their drug use, their sex lives, or their bathroom habits! These are all things that just can’t be discussed in any kind of detail on a mainstream channel! And what makes it even better is the the people he interviews get to be authentically themselves because they don’t have to worry about any kind of political correctness or check their language.

If you’re not a fan of Howard Stern, I understand. He’s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. But you should really try to listen to some of his interviews to see if you enjoy them. Check out his website to see if you can find anything! Good luck!

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