#BloggingAtoZ — The Virgin Suicides

I am behind on my blog posts, so expect a barrage of them 🙂

My post for the letter V is another fantastic but disturbing book I read called The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (yes, I know there’s a movie but I’ve never seen it because I didn’t want to be disappointed because I don’t think this book lends itself well to being a movie). The story is essentially told from the collective point of view of neighborhood boys, now adults, remembering back to when they were kids and they met the mysterious and beautiful Lisbon sisters. But the Lisbon family ends up torn apart as sister after sister takes her own life. This book is heady and heartbreaking and disturbing but fascinating all the same. It makes the reader think about our own memories and how we remember the past. It makes the reader want to know more about the dynamics of the Lisbon family, but the reader never gets that. It’s like quicksand. The more awful things get, the more you want to be in it — to understand, to make sense, to be part of the collective memory. It is quite a sad book but beautifully written. I believe this was Eugenides first book and it really showcases his ability to write compelling prose. One of my very favorite books of all time. If you’re looking for something deep to read, this book might do the trick.

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