#BloggingAtoZ — Tu Meri

I’m going international for my post today! I’d like to introduce you to a song that I’m guessing very few of you know. It’s called “Tu Meri” and it is from the Bollywood film Bang Bang.

I know very, very little about Bollywood movies. I’ve seen only one — Bang Bang. What I can tell you about that movie is it was AWESOME! I can see why Bollywood movies are so popular if they are all like this one. The story is engaging, the plot is action packed, and the musical numbers are absolutely epic! I don’t think I’ve ever had as much watching a movie as I did watching Bang Bang.

I really enjoyed the music in that film, but I remember my dad telling me how much he liked “Tu Meri” so I paid extra attention to it when I watched the movie, and I see why he liked it! It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand a single word — it’s such an fun, engaging song, you can’t help but get caught up in it! See what you think! The video for the song is actually the scene in the movie where the song is performed. You’ll see what I mean about the musical numbers being epic! I’m betting you’ll be tapping your toe right along to the song not too far into it! Expand those musical horizons — add a Bollywood song to your playlist!

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