#AToZChallenge — Eulogy

My post for today is a bittersweet one. When my grandmother died, I delivered her eulogy. I wish so much that my grandmother was still here today, but writing her eulogy was the easiest thing to do because there were so many things I loved about her. Re-reading her eulogy makes me miss her so much, my heart actually aches but it also makes me smile because I get to remember so many wonderful things about her. So my post today is the eulogy I wrote for her and read at her funeral.

Just like all of you, I have some special memories of my grandmother.  In fact, every letter of the alphabet reminds me of Grandma in some way.

A is for apple slices; hers were best ice cold out of the fridge.

B is for Bingo!

C is for cookies, especially thumbprint cookies, which were her best, not the shots, not the chocolate chip; thumbprint!

D is for dogs – I am sure Barney Brains needed plenty of brushing once Grandma finally got back to him!

E is for exercises – the exercises she did behind the wheel of the car driving to Minnesota one year.  My mom was sure Grandma was driving off the road because she was falling asleep at the wheel.

F is for, what else, frosting!  Mine is never quite as good as Grandma’s, either…..

G is for God in whom she had unwavering faith.

H is for hands – hers were always so soft.

I is for ice, which she always wanted in her coffee.

J is for Jackson, as in Alan Jackson.

K is for knit; Grandma knitted and crocheted so many blankets, including miniature blankets to fit on Becky’s doll beds.

L is for Lake; not her last name, but Cass Lake, where she enjoyed fishing.

M is for mug rugs and mock chicken legs!

N is for Nabisco, the company that makes Oreos.

O is for ornaments, especially bears in the box.

P is for potato salad!

Q is for the queens and kings and aces in our card playing nights.

R is for Rebekah, Michael, and Alyssa; they are truly blessed to have had my grandma for their great grandma.

S is for September, the month of her birth.

T is for teeth; she used to take hers out to entertain me when I was little.

U is for underwear; I still haven’t recovered psychologically from unwittingly wearing a pair of her underwear after getting her laundry mixed up with mine in Minnesota.

V is for voice; I loved the sound of her voice, especially her laugh.

W is for wishing wells; she made plenty of them!

X is for bowling; you know, strike?

Y is for young; no matter how old she was, she was always young at heart.

And Z is for zenith, the highest point, which is where she is now, in heaven, and knowing she is home with God and smiling down on us should bring all of us peace and comfort.

Such a fun picture of my daughter being silly with her grandma (my mom, right) and her great grandma (my grandma, left).
Another picture of my daughter and my grandma. My grandma’s smile lit up her whole face. Looking at this picture, I can hear her laugh.
My grandmother with me when I graduated from college. Lots of people make fun of pantsuits on women, but my grandma made them look damn good.

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