#AToZChallenge — Blue Heaven

My post for today is about my very favorite restaurant in the whole entire world — Blue Heaven in Key West. When I visit Key West, I always insist on having breakfast at Key West, and I always get the same thing: I start with a mimosa. The I eat an obscene breakfast: I get an eggs Benedict with Key West pink shrimp and lime Hollandaise sauce and a thick slice of their homemade banana bread. I get it maybe once a year, so I don’t care that it’s probably 8000 calories. The food there is so good, but it is really the atmosphere that draws me in. It’s like someone opened a restaurant in their backyard. There are patio tables and chairs all around under trees and canopies for shade. There are a few chickens and cats roaming around, really adding to the Key West vibe. And they often have entertainment on the stage, even in the morning. There is almost always a wait, but it is so worth it to be able to eat a nice meal in such a relaxing atmosphere. If you ever get down to Key West, be sure to hit up Blue Heaven for a lovely meal — I recommend breakfast!

The entrance to Blue Heaven — plenty of bike parking space available!
My favorite meal at Blue Heaven — breakfast! A Benedict with Key West pink shrimp and lime Hollandaise sauce!

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