#IWSG December Post — My Writing Space

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeMy post for December’s #IWSG answers the question, “What 5 objects would you find in my writer’s space?” First, I’m supposed to have a writer’s space? My space is wherever my laptop is, I suppose. I don’t have a dedicated space — is that bad? So I guess I can just say the world is my writing space 🙂 But as far as objects I have that would serve as writing tools for me, I suppose first I’d have to say my laptop/Chromebook. It’s where I do all my work. Nowhere near as much writing would happen without it! I’d also say that when I sit down to write, another object near me is probably my unfinished novel. Someday I’ll have time to finish it. Sigh. Third, I’ve always got a pen and notebook somewhere near. If I have to write down a reminder or idea real quick, that’s where I do it. A fourth item would likely be something to drink, like soda or water, not alcohol. Alcohol would just make me sleepy. But Having pop or water gives me something to do as  I ponder. I can take a sip and think. Finally, my dogs are always with me when I’m writing. My one dog, Zoey, always wants to crawl on the keyboard. I think maybe it’s warm, that’s why she likes it. But my dogs are always glued to me when I write. Maybe they’re jealous I’m giving some attention to something beside them? I don;t really have a typical writing space or typical writer’s tools, if there are such things. But these are the things I almost always have around me when I write!

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I have opinions and I have passions and I like to write.
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6 Responses to #IWSG December Post — My Writing Space

  1. I’m the same I don’t have a dedicated writing space and don’t think I ever will, I like to write where I’m comfortable 🙂

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  2. Liza says:

    Sounds like you take your writing where ever you go…and that’s not a bad thing!

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  3. Elsie says:

    I have a dedicated writing space that I don’t use very often. My giant doggie thinks my comfy chair is his so I have to shove him off if I want to curl up and write. Lately, I’ve been in the family room though.


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  4. Lauren Macrie says:

    I don’t have a “writing space” either. And I’m a little perplexed that I’m supposed to have one. Ah well. What’s the popular phrase now? “You do you”? And so we shall. 🙂


  5. helenmatheyhornbooks says:

    What kind of places so you like to work from? Inside? Outside? Café? Just wondering. And lol the animals. I’ve got a couple of cats that get between me and the screen when they want my attention.


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