Y is for Millenials aka Generation Y

I’m playing fast and loose with the letter Y (much like I did yesterday with the letter X). I’d like to share some quick thoughts on Generation Y, also known as Millenials. These are commonly accepted to be people who were born from 1980 – 1994 (my own daughter fits into this category being born in 1994). Millenials get a bad rap. They’re criticized at the generation of selfish, disconnected with people but umbilically connected to their technology, self-important because of their participation trophies, lazy, do-nothing group of dregs in society.

In the words of some pretty rockin’ Gne Z’ers, I call BS.

I know plenty of Millenials, and there are a small number of them who are lazy, unmotivated, social media narcissists. Most of them that I know have graduated college and have jobs — maybe not traditional office-type jobs, but they work and support themselves. Some do have office-type jobs, but they also try to do work that will somehow better the world — they work for non-profits or work in education. Some joined the military, and some do philanthropic work.

I find it distasteful to blame a generation for their faults. Most generations don’t raise themselves — they are raised by their parents. So if there’s a crop of young adults out there who ARE lazy, unmotivated, social media narcissists, maybe they can’t be 100% blamed for turning out the way they did.

Like this guy’s video that went viral — makes me see red. Nice way to malign an entire generation.


I don’t hate Millenials. Sorry not sorry.

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2 Responses to Y is for Millenials aka Generation Y

  1. Liam says:

    Millennials are great. I always feel like I can relate to them even though my year of birth place me in Gen X.

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  2. You are right about all of this. My daughter is a millennial. Nothing like the stereotype!


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