W is for Without

WAn exploded can of Diet Coke led to a conversation I had with my friend and co-worker Jeremy today. We started talking about soda and he remarked how bad it is for you. I acknowledged this and told him that last summer I tried to give up pop cold turkey but only lasted about 2 weeks before I just couldn’t take it any more and had to have some pop. For the record, I drink only diet pop, not regular, and yes, I know that diet pop is just as bad as regular.

He suggested I try allowing myself to drink soda only 1 day a week (he suggested Sundays, but I think I am going to pick Saturdays). Once I get used to that, then maybe I can cut that 1 day out as well.

I’m currently drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, and I’ll allow myself to have pop tomorrow. And then Sunday starts my new attempt at life WITHOUT pop.

Wish me luck.

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Could this can of Diet Coke that froze and exploded lead me to a new life, soda free?

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3 Responses to W is for Without

  1. I used to believe the stories of how awful xxx was (fill in the blank) and then a decade later, that was proved wrong. Now, I’m for moderation–which I suppose is the can a week. But really, we’ll die of something, right? Why not soda?


  2. John Holton says:

    I decided a while back that I was going to try just drinking decaf coffee and water, and I feel a whole lot better. I do have an occasional milkshake and drink lemonade and fruit juice, but haven’t had soda in I don’t know how long.

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