N is for Novel

NWriting is my first and most passionate love. If I could do anything in this world, I would write. I have dreamed for years of writing a book. I’d love to write a novel more than anything. In April 2014, I started writing my first novel, and it is still in progress. Honestly, the last time I worked on it was on 2016. I just don’t have the time to devote to it like I want to be able to do.

Much like Stephenie Meyer did for Twilight, I got the idea for the novel from a dream. But unlike Stephenie Meyer, I likely won’t write a blockbuster novel and make millions!

The working title is Living Without Dying. I would classify it in the genre of women’s fiction. Here is a synopsis of the storyline as I envision it right now:

“Some people find comfort in the familiar, in routine. Not Lianne. Despite having a wonderful marriage to a devoted husband, a daughter with a promising life ahead of her once she graduates college, a steady job, and terrific friends, Lianne yearns for more. The comfort, the familiarity is suffocating her. As she looks for ways to shake up her life, she finds herself seeking out more and more extreme experiences. Her husband Mark tries to be supportive through it all, but Lianne’s dissatisfaction with the life they have is baffling to him and it becomes harder and harder to be the supportive husband. Mark and Lianne need to find their way back to each other, but it is possible that they will be lost forever if they can’t find some way to continue living life together instead of separately at the same time.”

I started one draft and had a friend read it — a very high risk action for me as I am incredibly sensitive about my writing, especially my creative writing. She gave me good feedback which required a major overhaul of what I had originally done (and an overhaul I suspected the novel needed). I am still in the middle of trying to complete that overhaul, and to be honest, I know how I want the story to end but I am still unsure about how I want to get my characters there.

My husband recently had a dream of his own that he shared with me that he thought would make a good topic for a novel. That one needs a lot of pre-writing work yet, but I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head that I desperately need to get written down before I lose them. I already developed a working title for that book — Meeting the Child I Never Had. I wonder what he will think of that idea 🙂

Until I get some dedicated time, my novel ideas will have to come to life slowly. Maybe they will only live in my world, but who knows. Maybe someday, if I get them finished, they will live in your world, too!

About renbog

I have opinions and I have passions and I like to write.
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