G is for God

Whoops, I am a day behind, but it is what it is…..

GI decided to write my post for the letter G about God. And I will start by saying that I believe in God. This might not be a really popular thing to say — even among people who do believe in God. And while I believe in God, I certainly don;t go around professing to to everyone (and I know some people would say that I should be going around professing it to help others, but I’m not going to do that).

Just because I believe in God doesn’t mean everyone does, and I am fine with that. I don;t think believing in God makes a person better or worse than any other person. Having a relationship (or not having a relationship) with God is a personal thing, which is the main reason I don;t go around advertising that I believe in God. This is my belief, my relationship, and you (whoever you are) don;t necessarily have a place in it.

I believe in God for many reasons. One reason is because it makes me feel good to believe in a higher power in this world and in my life. It brings me comfort and joy believing that there is a source of strength in this world that I can turn to in times of need.

I believe in God because I find comfort in believing that there is a life I can have beyond this one on earth. I find peace in believing that the people I love that I have lost still live on in some form, and that when I am no longer on this earth, I won’t be gone forever. I especially find comfort in believing that some people I know who have endured things in life that are pretty tough will have the reward of a more perfect life beyond this one.

I believe in God because I see things happen that I see as answered prayers. I see impossible situations resolved, and I say, “That’s proof of God.”

I certainly have crises of faith, too. When I see bad things happen for no apparent reason (I think about former students who have died young, not being able to live their lives beyond age 18), when bad things happen in this world, when difficult things happen in my own life and I become filed with anger or sadness — these situations will trigger my doubts, sometimes minor doubts, sometimes really significant doubts. In those cases, somehow I always find my way back to believing in God. I might read, or I might talk to someone, or I might stumble upon something that reaffirms to me that my belief is not misguided.

Maybe you agree with me; maybe you don’t. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Like I said before, we all can have the relationship we want (or don’t want) with God. Someday, we will all know for sure if we were misguided (but I’m not ready for that anytime soon).

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