Blogging A to Z — Las Vegas

LIn at least one of my other A to Z posts, I mentioned my road trip to California and back with my best friend and our daughters. One of the places we went on that road trip was Las Vegas. Our husbands flew out there to meet us. If I’m being totally honest, Las Vegas didn’t do much for me. And I don’t think it had much to do with being in Vegas with kids. I just think Vegas isn’t my kind of place.

Our original plan was to do the tourist-y stuff during the day then let the girls relax and swim at night when the adults would come out in drunken droves. That plan got thwarted immediately when we discovered that the pool at the hotel we stayed at (Excalibur) closed at 5:00. Not happy. So off we went in the night time with kids in Las Vegas.

I found Vegas to be not a lot of fun. It was too crowded and too hard to get around. There was way too much traffic flow into casinos when all I wanted to do was walk. But simply walking down the street is difficult. Also, things are pretty spread out. We tried using a cab for a while, but that was bad, too, because there was so much traffic, it took forever to get anywhere.

We did take the girls to Fremont Street, which was cool. But the coolness factor doesn’t last for hours. We also took the girls to the pirate show outside Treasure Island, but it was a teensy bit risque for our girls who were still in grade school/junior high. We also took them to fountains at the Bellagio which was really cool! (At least it was until last summer when I was in Dubai and saw the fountains outside the Burj Khalifa. But more on that in another blog post!)

The girls definitely loved the M & M Store, and we adults found Hoover Dam interesting (but the girls were sure we were killing them with boredom). We didn’t really gamble much. Truth told, I’m not a huge gambler anyway. I enjoy roulette, but when I did this Vegas trip, I didn’t know how to play roulette then.

Maybe I’d enjoy Vegas more without kids, but I just didn’t see much there that I thought was all that great. Time will tell if I ever get back there.

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