The Rock Star Treatment

Sometimes you feel like a rock star. Like today.

The day started with watching hockey at 5:30 in the morning. Dad, Brenda, and I watched the Blackhawks smear the ice with the Anaheim Ducks to earn their way into the Stanley Cup finals.

We spent the day shopping at a mall. Once we arrived at the mall, the car had to be checked and we had to go through metal detectors and be wanded — women go behind a curtain to have this done by another female security officer. Just to go the shopping mall. They take their security very seriously in India.

At Viviana Mall, where we shopped today.

At Viviana Mall, where we shopped today.

I picked up a cute pair of shoes at the mall. The salesman fell allover himself taking care of me. He acted like I was Cinderella with the shoes. I also picked up some more beautiful Indian clothes in lighter colors for summer wear. I absolutely adore the clothes women wear in India. The colors and the fabrics are so pretty, and they are so comfortable! I’m telling you, Indian women know how to dress attractively and comfortably!

Ahmed carried my bags for me, which was very kind and a nice treat since when I go shopping at home, I’m the bag carrier!

While we were walking the mall, I noticed a group of three young Indian women, probably in their 20’s. I was admiring the bright hues of their clothes when they stopped and asked Brenda and me if they could take our pictures. We posed with each girl to have her picture taken with us. Thus happened the last time I was in India. It must be something about the blonde hair! It’s strange but flattering to think that I’m somehow “picture-worthy” even though I am a total stranger.

Being chauffeured around through traffic, shopping, having someone carry my bags, being stopped for pictures — it’s the rock star treatment.

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