Blogging A to Z — Oklahoma City

OFor my blogging A to Z challenge today, I thought I would write a bit about Oklahoma City, specific the Oklahoma City bombing and memorial, as we are approaching the 20th anniversary of that sad event.


The photo that had an impact all over the world — a firefighter cradling tiny Baylee Almon’s body. Source:

I clearly remember the Oklahoma City bombing. We were mere days away from my daughter’s first birthday and if the bombing itself wasn’t horrible enough, I learned about the day care center where so many children died in that bombing. Still unaccustomed to feeling all the feels that come with being a new mom (see this post), I was overwhelmed with anguish for those parents and children. I remember seeing the photo of the firefighter carrying Baylee Almon, a year old just the day before she died. I also remember thinking, “The media wouldn’t show that picture unless that sweet baby survived.” Sadly, tragically, I was wrong. I am choking up just remembering it.


My daughter looking around at the Oklahoma City Memorial.

About 10 years ago or so, my best friend and I took our daughters on a road trip to California. One of the stops we made was to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial. None of our girls remembered it — my daughter was only going on a year old, and my friend’s daughters were just a little over two and not born yet when it happened. We prepped them for it as best we could, but we were unprepared for the effect it actually had on them as we saw our daughters sobbing at the sights and sounds.

If you have never seen the memorial, it is worth a trip. It is beautiful and moving and educational. As we approach the anniversary, please keep all the victims and their families in your memories. I know they will be in mine for the rest of my life.

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  1. Thea O'Brian says:

    This was definitely a sad day. My heart went out to a lot of those folks.


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