Sorry Not Sorry

So I just saw this article on “skinny shaming“. As a plus-sized woman, I suppose I should agree with the spirit of the article. I know how it feels to be made fun of because of appearance or body size or body shape. I know it is absolutely wrong to judge somebody based on only what the eyes can see. But when someone gets all bent out of shape because some skinny girl is being picked on, I just have a hard time mustering up any sympathy.

For decades, the skinny girls have been considered pretty just because they are skinny. It’s nearly impossible to be pretty and fat. The skinny girls don’t get looks of disgust when out in public, especially at a restaurant. They get looks of approval and envy. The skinny girls don’t get insulting comments about breaking furniture or how much they eat. Nobody says things like, “Save a whale; harpoon a skinny chick.” Nobody has a bumper sticker on the back of their car that says, “No skinny chicks.” The insults to overweight women are plentiful, and the insults to skinny women have only recently begun as the fat chicks are sick of being told they are inferior. The fat chicks are tired of telling the skinny chicks that they’re not fat when they whine about eating a whole half a sandwich. The fat chicks are tired of making the skinny chicks feel good about themselves while nobody bothered to make the fat girls feel good about themselves. The fat chicks are in revolt and lashing out from years of marginalization.

I don’t care if the skinny girls have their feelings hurt right now. I’ll care later. I’m still too busy trying to convince myself that it’s okay to feel good about myself despite being overweight to convince the ones who are socially acceptable that their struggle is equal to mine.

I’m sure that makes me one horrible human and a really crappy woman. Add that to the list of other faults I have related to being fat.

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