Blogging A to Z — Z: Zing Zang

Here we are, at the end of the alphabet, and what better way to celebrate than with a drink?

My friends the Millers that I referenced in my post for the letter M introduced me to the bloody mary mix that changed my life — Zing Zang. I’ve always enjoyed bloody marys, probably because I love the stuff that garnishes a bloody mary — anything and everything, including pickles, celery, olives, shrimp, bacon, Slim Jims, beef jerkey, pepperoni.

Many, many years ago there was a restaurant in my small local town called Curly’s, and beside being known for their huge, delciious Curly Burger, they quickly became known for Jerry’s bloody marys. Now, I know some will debate this, but Jerry taught me the importance of vodka in a bloody mary. He told me that his bloody marys were so good because he was using a better vodka. I had always had my bloody marys with Smirnoff (which I personally do not care for); Jerry was making his with Absolut. Some people say the vodka doesn’t make a difference; I say oh, hell yes it does! Absolut is the “lowest” vodka I will drink now. Left to my druthers, I’m drinking Belvedere; after that, I’ll take Ketel One. I spent years thinking a bloody mary was all about the vodka.

Until the Millers talked about Zing Zang. This is one delicious bloody mary mix! No need to create your own homemade concoction — it won’t beat Zing Zang! No need to doctor up the Zing Zang — except maybe a little extra olive juice if you so crave (like I do). This mix is awesome on its own with a good quality vodka. I am pretty much to the point where I just can’t enjoy a bloody mary unless they are using Zing Zang to make it.

Celebrate the end of Blogging A to Z and the end of April with a tasty bloody mary — and maybe wash down a few oysters while you’re at it! Cheers!

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