Blogging A to Z — X: Bowling

X for Bowling? Think STRIKE! Yeah, I used that one in my grandmother’s eulogy, too. X is a hard letter to write for.

Bowling has been a way for me to spend time with family for more than 20 years. My husband and I were in a bowling league with my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles before we were married. In fact, the day after Jim and I got married, we didn’t leave for a honeymoon (we never took one); we went and bowled in our league.

My cousin Robyn is constantly using the mantra, “It’s not about what you’re going; it’s about who you’re with,” every time we are stuck doing something miserable together. This mantra fits bowling quite a bit! My average is 120, and that’s about as high as it has ever been. I tell people the most consistent thing about my bowling is my lack of consistency. I have been known to bowl a 122 in game 1, an 88 in game 2, and a 179 in game 3.

My husband quit bowling with the family a few years ago partially because he wan’t a terrific bowler, either, and that made it pretty un-fun for him. Not me. I like it. I don’t care that I’m not any good. I like the family time.

And now to see if anyone I bowl with reads this, I have just one thing to say: B.J. Honeycutt?

Bowling: it’s definitely not about what I’m doing; it’s about who I’m with!

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