Blogging A to Z — N: Nebraska

Nebraska isn’t a state that a lot of people give much thought. Most people think of Nebraska as flat, boring, and “podunk”. Well, as someone who lived in Nebraska for about 6 years, I can tell you that, yes, there is a LOT of flat emptiness in Nebraska, and yes, you will find plenty of “podunk” there, but Nebraska has plenty to offer if you know where to look!

Omaha is where I lived, and it is not at all what people think of when they think of Nebraska. Omaha is not at all flat — it’s really quite hilly because it is on the Missouri River. Omaha is home to one of the best zoos I’ve ever visited — Henry Doorly Zoo. It also has a terrific art museum, Joslyn Art Museum. Omaha is also home to Creighton University, a highly rated school. In addition, students can attend University of Nebraska at Omaha if they don’t want to attend University of Nebraska in Lincoln, a few short hours away from Omaha (GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!). In addition, right on the edge of Omaha is Offut Air Force Base  and Strategic Air Command (SAC). I remember visiting there and seeing the Thunderbirds perform. It was one of the most memorable events of my life! Sadly, you can’t watch horse races at Ak-Sar-Ben anymore though. Any guesses as to how Ak-Sar-ben got its name?????

Here are some fun facts about Nebraska:

  • President Gerald R. Ford was born in Omaha.
  • Nebraska’s state beverage is milk.
  • Nebraska’s state soft drink is Kool-Aid, which as developed by Edward Perkins in Hastings, NE, in 1927.
  • The College World Series is played in Omaha.
  • Kearney, Nebraska, is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco.

Hopefully you see that Nebraska is so much more than flat land! If you get the chance, spend a few days there, especially in Omaha, and you’ll develop and appreciation for this state which really is at the heart of this nation!

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1 Response to Blogging A to Z — N: Nebraska

  1. Mr. Miller says:

    I, too, lived in Nebraska for a couple of years (was actually born out there too before moving to Illinois when I was two or three) but have to disagree. I just didn’t see where Nebraska has plenty to offer. The job market wasn’t great, the only sports team in town (truly) was Nebraska football, and I had to go to Kansas City for good concerts. Seems like bigger named bands, comedians, etc. skip Omaha for bigger markets.

    I remember my very first weekend in Omaha (when I moved there). It was Summer and I was sitting at a bar and the guy next to me asked: “So? Are you a Husker fan yet?”

    I said: “No. I think they’re overrated and have a weak schedule.”

    The guy slid back out of his chair wanting to beat the shit out of me. His friend had to hold him back. Even the bartender suggested I sit elsewhere or leave.

    Now I’ve got family there and still visit often but I’m just not a fan of the state. It’s certainly better than Iowa though.


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