Blogging A to Z — L: Lips of an Angel

The song “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder was released in 2006 and was a huge hit. My husband once asked me why I liked the song so much, and in fact, he wondered why so many women liked the song so much. If you listen to the lyrics, it is clear that the man singing is in a relationship with a woman but he still has feelings for his ex, who is also in a relationship now with someone else. It can be surmised that she still has feelings for the narrator of the song since she is taking a risk in calling him. My husband can’t figure out why so many women liked a song about a guy who is kind of acting like a cad. Fair question.

Here was my response to him.

I told him that for me, I loved the song so much because I thought it would be romantic to be so loved and missed by someone that he would write a song about me that sounded like this.  To me, some of the words are so sweet and so pretty. Parts of the song are wistful. And it’s a kind of a turn on. It’s sexy. If I imagined myself as the girl who’s sleeping and doesn’t know my guy is talking to his ex, then the song would piss me off. But if I imagine myself as the one who is the angel that he’s dreamt of, the song makes me melt.

If you’ve gotten to this point in this post, you might be wondering why I wrote about such a ridiculously fluffy topic. “Lips of an Angel”? Really? Yes, really. Here’s why: music is hugely important in my life. Music is absolutely reflective of my mood and my mindset. If anyone wanted to figure out what I was thinking or feeling, simply pay attention to the music I am listening to at the moment and I become pretty transparent. So now feel free to psychoanalyze me, if you wish, about what “Lips of an Angel” must be saying about me.


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