Blogging A to Z — J: Janine

Janine is probably the best friend I’ve ever had. I’ve worked with Janine for close to 20 years, and we are so similar in our teaching styles, we could practically be twins — but I readily admit she is so much better at what she does that I could ever be!

My two favorite things about Janine are her laugh and her honesty. Janine has the most infectious laugh. When she finds something really funny, she has this terrific, giggly laugh that makes you want to laugh right along with her.

Her honesty is what I appreciate the most about her. Some people don’t like people who are blunt and to the point. I’m not one of those people. I love it when people tell me exactly what they think because I never have to guess where they stand. Janine is like that. She is one person I never have and never will have to play games with — there is no drama with her. That’s refreshing in an age where ovaries equate drama.

I’ve had some great times with Janine. We have gone on vacation together….Well, it’s sort of like vacation. We’ve chaperoned 8th grade trips to Washington, D.C., together, so it’s a vacation with 60 14-year-olds! We attend each other’s parties for kids’ birthdays and milestones. Jim and I play cards with Janine and her husband John (which, by the way, we actually need to do soon because it’s been a long time!). She has listened to me and my crises, and I listen to her and her crises. I truly couldn’t ask for a better person to call a best friend.

On one of the numerous 8th grade trips to DC. Janine is in the red; the rest are my kick-ass colleagues!

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