Blogging from A to Z — A: Animals

I just learned of this today from another blogger I follow.  The challenge is to write a post for each letter of the alphabet during April.  Here’s a link to what I learned on the site promoting this.  I might be a couple days late but I can get caught up right quick!  So I start with letter A, and I write about animals.

I have been an animal lover my whole life.  My mom had a Siamese cate when I was born, so my affinity has always been toward cats.  My first kitten was gray with white paws and I named him James.  Sadly, he died in an accident.  But I loved that little kitten!  Since then, I had a cat named Pussywillow (thankfully my parents steered me sway from the name I wanted to give the cat — PussyPaws!).   I had another cat that I found as a very young kitten abandoned on a highway exit ramp.  He was Monster Monster.  Then my brother brought home a cat that was hanging around the car wash where he worked.  That cat became Scooter (full name Scooter Pie feline).  Then I adopted barn cat sisters — very pretty calicos — named Misty and Shasta.  Shasta had to be put down recently, so I am now without a cat at home.

No worry — I like dogs, too!  My first dog was the sweetest little cocker spaniel named Wags.  Then came Cupcake.  Now I have two lively little dogs named Blanca and Zoe.

My pets have always been part of my family.  They have their own personalities.  They offer such unconditional love.  They are entertaining.  I know owning pets isn’t for everyone, but for me, they are a vital part of my life.  Having pets brings me happiness.

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