First Time First Class

How amazing is it when a flight on an airplane is a trip within itself??? I have certainly done my share of flying, and always in coach. But for my trip to India, I got to experience first/business class. My experience started when I arrived at O’Hare and had my own area to check my bags. I was one of three people in line. Then I went to my own security line. Again, I was one of three people. I managed to get from my house to my gate in an hour.

When I boarded the plane, I was thrilled to find a roomy seat and my own armrests! None of that elbow warring for space! I was barely settled in my seat when a flight attendant asked if I’d like a drink before takeoff. I got some nice white wine. I didn’t even have to use a drink voucher for it! I sipped on that all through take off.

I was recently given a hot towel to cleanse my hands. I love hot towels so much! Then I was offered a lunch — salad or mushroom Brie soup, and chicken or cheeseburger. Since I get to do this all again whenever on the plane to Mumbai,I just ordered the soup. I couldn’t resist! Mushrooms! Brie! Yum! While the food was prepared, I was brought a little cup of mixed nits to snack on. I can take or leave nuts, but I decided to nibble on a cashew (no peanuts in my little dish). I discovered the nuts were warm! I couldn’t help myself. I ate them all!

So now I am sitting in my seat with my feet up, watching the rest of a movie I started watching before take off. If this is how my trip starts, I can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes!

Update: I am now on the flight to Mumbai and I just finished dinner on the plane. Our attendant asked me, “Doesn’t everything just taste better when you’re in the air?” By George, I think he’s right!

The appetizer was jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. These were some big shrimp! Not Blues Brothers shrimp, but they were good sized for sure! That was accompanied by an Indian-spiced beet root cake with chat masala sauce. I’m not sure what all that meant, but it was definitely pretty! Very deep red, like red velvet cake. However, it was a unique flavor and an even more unique texture. The texture reminded me of tres leches cake. It wasn’t bad, but it took some getting used to!

There was also a salad. Pretty standard fare, but it had fresh mozzarella in it, which I adore!

I took a leap of faith in my main course and chose the Indian vegetarian selection, and it was an unqualified success! The saffron basmati rice was fine. I’ve had that before. But what I especially loved was the cottage cheese in creamy tomato butter. Goodness, I could eat that every day of my life! The chickpea dal with white pumpkin was good. I also really liked the bell pepper, onion, and coconut masala. The combination of spicy and sweet was superb! I used the tomato-onion yogurt to cut the heat on the cottage cheese and peppers. To say the meal was divine would be correct! If this is the kind of food I have to eat for the next two weeks, I’m going to do just fine!

After dinner, they came around with assorted cheeses and grapes. As much as I love cheese, I turned it down because I was absolutely stuffed from all the food so far! But I wasn’t so strong when it came to the ice am sundae…. Mine was made with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and a cherry. It was the best ice cream sundae I’ve ever had!

So my trip thus far has been on nothing but airplanes and gorging myself on food. I won’t deny that I felt a twinge of guilt knowing I was actually eating fabulous food on an airplane while the people behind me on the plane were eating a boxed dinner. But I’ve been there before, and this is a special trip, so I’m going to forgo the guilt and just enjoy myself!

Now I’m going to watch Beautiful Creatures, Identity Thief, and/or Life of Pi and fall asleep in my fully reclining seat!

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5 Responses to First Time First Class

  1. Mr. Miller says:

    So THAT’S how the 1% live….


  2. renbog says:

    Apparently, and I get to live this way for just a tiny bit!


  3. K Eason says:

    Enjoy your visit. this is how we plan on going back to China in 4 years, sure hope we have saved enough.


  4. P lindstrom says:

    I am so glad you decided to keep a travel journal–both online and old school! Can’t wait to see that one as well. ILY


  5. renbog says:

    Peggy, I have found that keeping both is going to be too much, so I am planning on just the online one, but I will surely show you all my souvenirs and keepsakes 🙂


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