#IWSG — Questions

Today, I share with you my post for this month’s question from the Insecure Writer’s Support Group: What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

I love when people ask me ANY questions about my writing because that means someone is actually READING what I am writing! There are few greater thrills in life than seeing a notification that I got a comment on one of my blog posts! I am also in the process of writing a novel (have been for a few years now), so I also enjoy when people ask me what it’s about. Maybe someday I’ll finish it…..

I get uncomfortable when people ask me where I get my ideas for the things I write because my answer is pretty unremarkable — I get my ideas from life and the world around me. There is no magic pill available for inspiration. I just find it where and when I can! I feel like when people ask, “Where do you get your ideas from?”, they’re looking for an answer that either wows them (if they’re not writers themselves) or points them in a definite direction (if they are also writers). I never feel like I can answer this question adequately!

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7 Responses to #IWSG — Questions

  1. I agree–the ideas just sort of materialize out of the ether, a mish-mash of experiences, dreams, and what-if’s. I wish you happy, healthy, productive writing in 2019.

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  2. Both good answers. You are finding inspiration exactly where all the experts say you should. Maybe there’s a way to make the answer more sexy. Hmm…

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  3. mlouisebarbourfundyblue says:

    Happy New Year and Happy IWSG Day! I’ve been blogging for quite a while, and I still get a thrill over every comment I receive ~ well except for a few nasty ones that I immediately send into cyber-oblivion. When I taught third grade I always told my third graders that each and every one of them was unique and had stories to tell based on their lives and the world around them that no one else could ever write. No one exactly like each of them ever existed before or would again ~ so they had better not call themselves or their stories ordinary or unremarkable. I would also tell them they were literally stardust, born in the hearts of exploding suns, so write on and believe in their special selves. Kudos to you for writing about your unique and sparkly stardust self!

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  4. Yeah I never know how to answer where I get my ideas from, either. I steal them? What do you want me to say?

    IWSG January

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  5. I get my ideas from watching science fiction movies. That’s the best answer I can give anyone!


  6. Lee Lowery says:

    When I’m asked where I get my ideas, I always say, “have you read the news? You can’t make stuff up that good.” Case in point, just read a story about how many murderers get marriage proposals – yes, multiples- from women on the outside. I cut that out for my ‘future character’ file.

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  7. debscarey says:

    I agree, if people asked me about what I’m writing, or the process – even where I get my ideas – I’d be thrilled. I’ve never dreamed an entire story, but I’ve been known to move the plotline alone while asleep 🙂

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